More than twenty years of experience!

Thanks for your inquiry! More than 20 years ago when I first purchased my first brand new car a Toyota Celica Supra one of the few cars that came with leather back in those days and when that wheel became worn out and even with holes on the leather I try to find an upholster shop to fix it but couldn’t find anyone to do it in the entire country I only had one option witch was to buy a brand new wheel from the dealership witch would cost me $600 back in those days. That’s when I decided I had to do something about it and at the same time I thought how many people was probably having the same problem and with much more expensive automobiles, so I then decided to buy a piece of leather and have and uncle that was a seamstress back in Italy to help me and try to restore my Celica steering wheel and after many attempts we were successful, after that day I started doing steering wheels for friends and family members and now Since 1995, we have been the leader in customizing, repairing, restoring and decorating steering wheels, dashes and interior parts and trim’s for every make and model of car and truck. PORSCHE’S, BMW’S, MERCEDES, AUDI’S, LAMBORGHINI’S, ASTON MARTIN, BENTLEY’S, ROLLS ROYCE’S, LOTU’S, ALL JAPANESE AND KOREAN’S AND AMERICAN’S STEERING WHEELS ARE RESTORED TO FACTORY O.E.M. SPECIFICATIONS, YOUR STEERING WHEEL WILL LOOK AND FEEL LIKE A BRAND NEW WHEEL THAT IN A DEALERSHIP YOU WOULD PAID HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS IF NOT THOUSANDS...

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Steering Wheel Restoration Services

We restore, customize, or improve the interior of your car or boat we can provide a repair, leathering and re-leathering service for all types of steering wheels.
If your leather wheel is torn, faded, worn out or otherwise damaged, and you want to restore it to original condition, we can do it for you.
A choice of stock and custom colors are available. With the wide range of colors available, you can even choose a two-tone mix of colors that will suit you best.
For older types of wheels where there may be no replacement readily available, or for new cars with expensive replacements, our service means you can keep your wheel and keep it in great condition.

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We are pleased to offer the finest line of high quality, made in the USA steering wheels in the world. We have literally made hundreds of thousands of steering wheels for every make and model of vehicle on the road, and are the most experienced in the business. So, why would you go any where else? Take a look at our many types of custom steering wheels, and you will understand why Santoni Steering Wheels is number one. Any steering wheel in the world, old or new, we do it.

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